Pilot Season 2019


It feels like a strong start to the pilot season after just getting off of filming a feature film and having a few TV credits to look back on. Here’s hoping that 2019 will be one to remember!

I got a leading role in the World War 2 feature-film currently titled “Dog Company”!


I had the time of my life working with Director Nick Lyon and some of the coolest actors I’ve ever met to portray a real life group of heroes that stormed the beaches own D-Day with one of the most suicidal missions given to any unit during the war. I played a sharp-shooter by the name of Carbone who does everything he can to fight and survive the Nazi threat.

I had the privilege to work with two of the biggest names in UFC history; Chuck “The Iceman” Liddell and Randy “The Natural” Couture. Not to mention our lead actor was Weston Coppola Cage, and Martin Kove from the original Karate Kid also starred! I can’t wait to see our hard work on the screen and work with everyone on the production again and again.